FAQs Regarding Insurance Claim Checks Made Payable to Cornhusker Bank

The May 9th, 2016 storms in Lincoln and surrounding areas generated numerous insurance claims. As we head further into severe storm season, Cornhusker Bank provides you with the following Frequently Asked Questions and answers if you receive a check for damage made payable to Cornhusker Bank:

Who do I contact at Cornhusker Bank?  The Loan Servicing department must review all claims.
Phone:  402-434-220
Email:  loanservicing@cornhuskerbank.com
Mailing Address: Cornhusker Bank Loan Servicing
PO Box 80009, Lincoln NE  68501
Physical Address:  1101 Cornhusker Highway, Lincoln NE  68521

What information do I need to send along with the check? 

  • A copy of all documentation received from your insurance company.
  • Copies of any estimates from contractors that you have obtained.
  • Your contact information.
  • Directions for return of funds to you. (Do you want the check mailed, deposited to your account at Cornhusker Bank, or something else?)

When will my funds be returned to me?  Loan Servicing will review the claim immediately once received. If funds cannot be returned to you immediately, Loan Servicing will contact you regarding the process and timeline for release of funds.

Can I take my check and information to the local branch?  Yes. An associate at the branch will copy any documentation you have and will forward the check and copies to Loan Servicing. Retail staff at the branch cannot review the claim and endorse the check.

Can I bring my information to Loan Servicing in person?  Yes. Loan Servicing is located at 1101 Cornhusker Highway. If you contact them before you arrive, they can review your information immediately and advise you on the status of the funds.