Avoid Holiday Fraud Schemes

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Fraud schemes are hardly limited to the holidays, but they tend to spike during this high-spending and stressful time of the year. You can be aware of fraud tactics that will help you avoid becoming a victim.

Be skeptical about calls, texts, and emails:

  • Cornhusker Bank and its fraud partners will not contact you asking for cardholder data, such as card numbers, PINs, CV2 Codes, or Expiration Dates.
  • Do not respond to people who contact you asking for personal or financial information. Do not share your account numbers, Social Security numbers or other sensitive information.
  • Do not open emails, email attachments or click on links in emails that you do not recognize.
  • Do not share your online banking information with anyone.

Beware of common scams:

  • Avoid online shopping deals that are too good to be true.
  • Always book travel through a business that is familiar to you.
  • Do not make any donations or payments with a gift card or wire transfer.
  • Legitimate charities will not pressure you to make donations immediately.
  • Do not send money by wire to a “relative” who claims to be stuck in a crisis away from home.

Protect your accounts:

  • Enrollment in online/mobile banking provides peace of mind with 24/7 access to balances and transactions.
  • Debit card fraud services alert customers by text or by phone of potential unauthorized transactions.
  • CardValet allows customers control their debit card usage; limits can be set on transaction amounts, merchant types and spending locations, with alerts each time the debit card is used.

Call Cornhusker Bank at 402-434-2265 if you are concerned about any contact or solicitation. The Customer Engagement team will be glad to help!

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