Protect Yourself from Fraud

Fraud Tip Fall 2019 Header Image2

A scam targeting customers and their banks recently resulted in millions of dollars of losses for financial institutions and the customers they serve.  Fraudsters are performing sophisticated phishing scams where they impersonate bank personnel to get personal identifying information from customers.  Using the information they obtain, fraudsters will then impersonate customers by contacting their bank’s debit card fraud services.  If the fraudster is lucky, they will deceive the bank and gain approval for fraudulent transactions to post to customer accounts.  

Fraudsters have been successful in deceiving banks and customers alike across the United States.  While we take every measure possible to keep your accounts safe and secure, please help us by taking a moment to review the tips below to avoid being a victim.  You can also find more detailed information by visiting our Fraud and Identity Theft webpage:

• Cornhusker Bank or our 24/7 Fraud Service will never call, e-mail, or text you to ask for personal identifying information. Personal identifying information includes your debit card number, your debit card PIN, your debit card CVV Code, or your online banking password.

• You can control your debit card usage, customize alerts, and manage your spending with card controls within the Cornhusker Bank Mobile Banking App.  Select Manage My Card – Select About Cards – to set up spending alerts, customize your spending limits by location or merchant or temporarily lock your card.

• Ensure the bank always has updated contact information for your account.  Legitimate text messages will be sent to your phone if fraud is suspected for you to confirm or deny fraud attempts.  We won’t, however, ask you for your PIN, debit card number, etc. through text or phone calls.

• If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from “the Bank” asking for sensitive information, please hang up and inform us by calling the Customer Engagement Team immediately at (402) 434-2265.