Doing Life Together

burgher_blog2Cornhusker Bank and Burgher Family Dentistry

The relationship between Cornhusker Bank and Burgher Family Dental seems to have been a natural.  Both businesses feel a strong commitment to help their customers realize a better life.   Cornhusker Bank’s commitment to customers is a foundation for the bank, being upheld in every aspect, with the logo’s constant reminder that “Cornhusker Bank is committed to your success”.  At Burgher Family Dentistry, they are committed to “keeping up-to-date with the most current technologies and techniques to provide the most thorough and optimal treatment and oral health.”  Patients’ comfort is their number one priority as they pride themselves on being able to design individual treatment plans to suit every patient, mirroring Cornhusker Bank’s efforts to tailor plans to individuals and businesses through the creation of financial roadmaps to help customers meet their goals in life.

burgher_blog1Luke Burgher, DDS and Molly Burgher, Office Manager of Burgher Family Dentistry, located at 7120 Stephanie Lane, Suite 100 in Lincoln, Nebraska lead Burgher Family Dentistry.  Their team offers a complete range of dental health services, including traditional dentistry and cosmetic services and utilizes state of the art ceramic reconstruction and CAD/CAM technology for crowns.  

Cornhusker Bank recently did a short Q&A with Burghers which follows:

Q:  What brought you to banking with Cornhusker Bank and why do you continue to bank with us?

A:  We decided to move to Cornhusker Bank for several reasons.  Originally, we were able to get a great home loan working with Mike Barrett for the house we built.  Then we built a new dental office and secured the financing for the building through Cornhusker Bank with David Shiffermiller.  Both of these individuals were wonderful to work with.  As time went on, we realized how many people we were already connected with who worked at Cornhusker Bank from our kids’ school, to church, to neighbors and others we met along the way.  It is wonderful to walk in the bank and see the smiling face of an employee, and quite possibly one we already know.  We stay at Cornhusker Bank because everyone is so easy to work with and they go above and beyond to help us achieve our goals. 

Q: What types of products/services do you use at Cornhusker Bank?

A: To simplify our finances, we have moved all our home and business accounts over to Cornhusker Bank.  This makes everything easy to manage.  We also enjoy being able to send one email or make one phone call and have all our questions answered.

Q:  How did you begin working with your Cornhusker Bank Relationship Manager, Matt Biggs and how do you feel about his service?

A:  We originally started working with Matt Biggs at the advice of our accountant, Jim Watts.  He told us Matt would be able to help us consolidate loans and lower the interest payment, and he was right.  Matt was great and very easy to work with.  He came out to our office to meet with us and he was able to answer all of our questions and get the loan set up quickly.  Because of this, we are in a better place financially than we would have been without his help.

Q:  How would you describe the customer service you have experienced from Cornhusker Bank?

A: Over the past 10 years of doing business with Cornhusker Bank, we have experienced wonderful customer service.  We know they will always go above and beyond to help us.  We also enjoy coming into the bank and while we are there, different bankers stop in to greet us and ask about our kids and how school is going.  We discuss topics from football to kids moving into college and everything in between.  It’s a small community that we appreciate being part of.

Q:  What is most important to you in choosing a financial partner?

A:  Finding the right financial partner has been really important to us.  We were able to find bankers in every area that understood where we were at, the nature of our business, and our goals at Cornhusker Bank.  They have worked with us every step of the way to achieve those goals and for that we are grateful.   

Cornhusker Bank and Burgher Family Dentistry share values which have allowed them to find common ground upon which to build a trusting, valued relationship.  One of Cornhusker Bank’s values is “Do Life Together”.  That value in particular seems to be of major importance to Burgher Family Dentistry.

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