Doing Life Together

burgher_blog2Cornhusker Bank and Burgher Family Dentistry

The relationship between Cornhusker Bank and Burgher Family Dental seems to have been a natural.  Both businesses feel a strong commitment to help their customers realize a better life.   Cornhusker Bank’s commitment to customers is a foundation for the bank, being upheld in every aspect, with the logo’s constant reminder that “Cornhusker Bank is committed to your success”.  At Burgher Family Dentistry, they are committed to “keeping up-to-date with the most current technologies and techniques to provide the most thorough and optimal treatment and oral health.”  Patients’ comfort is their number one priority as they pride themselves on being able to design individual treatment plans to suit every patient, mirroring Cornhusker Bank’s efforts to tailor plans to individuals and businesses through the creation of financial roadmaps to help customers meet their goals in life.

burgher_blog1Luke Burgher, DDS and Molly Burgher, Office Manager of Burgher Family Dentistry, located at 7120 Stephanie Lane, Suite 100 in Lincoln, Nebraska lead Burgher Family Dentistry.  Their team offers a complete range of dental health services, including traditional dentistry and cosmetic services and utilizes state of the art ceramic reconstruction and CAD/CAM technology for crowns.  

Cornhusker Bank recently did a short Q&A with Burghers which follows:

Q:  What brought you to banking with Cornhusker Bank and why do you continue to bank with us?

A:  We decided to move to Cornhusker Bank for several reasons.  Originally, we were able to get a great home loan working with Mike Barrett for the house we built.  Then we built a new dental office and secured the financing for the building through Cornhusker Bank with David Shiffermiller.  Both of these individuals were wonderful to work with.  As time went on, we realized how many people we were already connected with who worked at Cornhusker Bank from our kids’ school, to church, to neighbors and others we met along the way.  It is wonderful to walk in the bank and see the smiling face of an employee, and quite possibly one we already know.  We stay at Cornhusker Bank because everyone is so easy to work with and they go above and beyond to help us achieve our goals. 

Q: What types of products/services do you use at Cornhusker Bank?

A: To simplify our finances, we have moved all our home and business accounts over to Cornhusker Bank.  This makes everything easy to manage.  We also enjoy being able to send one email or make one phone call and have all our questions answered.

Q:  How did you begin working with your Cornhusker Bank Relationship Manager, Matt Biggs and how do you feel about his service?

A:  We originally started working with Matt Biggs at the advice of our accountant, Jim Watts.  He told us Matt would be able to help us consolidate loans and lower the interest payment, and he was right.  Matt was great and very easy to work with.  He came out to our office to meet with us and he was able to answer all of our questions and get the loan set up quickly.  Because of this, we are in a better place financially than we would have been without his help.

Q:  How would you describe the customer service you have experienced from Cornhusker Bank?

A: Over the past 10 years of doing business with Cornhusker Bank, we have experienced wonderful customer service.  We know they will always go above and beyond to help us.  We also enjoy coming into the bank and while we are there, different bankers stop in to greet us and ask about our kids and how school is going.  We discuss topics from football to kids moving into college and everything in between.  It’s a small community that we appreciate being part of.

Q:  What is most important to you in choosing a financial partner?

A:  Finding the right financial partner has been really important to us.  We were able to find bankers in every area that understood where we were at, the nature of our business, and our goals at Cornhusker Bank.  They have worked with us every step of the way to achieve those goals and for that we are grateful.   

Cornhusker Bank and Burgher Family Dentistry share values which have allowed them to find common ground upon which to build a trusting, valued relationship.  One of Cornhusker Bank’s values is “Do Life Together”.  That value in particular seems to be of major importance to Burgher Family Dentistry.

The Importance of Being Local

Akira_Coffee_Co_1Akira Coffee and Cornhusker Bank

Akira Coffee Founder & CEO, David Sievers, was recently in the Cornhusker Bank Center closing on a business line of credit and talked to bank staff about his company.  One of the things he noted when discussing how and why he chose to do business with Cornhusker Bank was the fact the bank is a locally owned, community bank.  

Cornhusker Bank has a 116 year history as a community bank and offering customers our expertise in understanding and navigating the economic conditions here in Nebraska.  

Some of the basic benefits of doing business locally to all residents of a community include:

  • Local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses, keeping more money in the local economy, with $68 of every $100 dollars spent locally staying local.
  • Local businesses help employ individuals from our community.
  • Local businesses return more money to their community in donation and social causes.
  • Local businesses get to know their customers and vice-versa, forming long relationships.

Akira_Coffee_Co_2Mr. Sievers noted he and his staff are based locally, giving him the opportunity to “work in an area I care about and try to do a little more good in the world”.  Akira Coffee Co sources products and uses local vendors whenever possible.  Akira Coffee Co doesn’t sell coffee under its own brand.  Instead, they partner with social media influencers to build their very own coffee brands.  Akira Coffee has a commitment to high quality ingredients for its coffees and teas.  One way they do this is by sourcing only specialty grade coffees from responsible, ethical, and sustainable sources.  For more information about Akira Coffee Co go to

Following is a Q &A Cornhusker Bank conducted with David Sievers regarding his experience working with Cornhusker Bank to obtain a loan:

Q:  What led you to choosing Cornhusker Bank for your business banking needs?

A:  It’s important to me to bank locally within the community.  Cornhusker Bank was recommended by my father, who specifically noted the Bank’s Chairman, John F. Dittman.  

Q:  What are your plans for the proceeds from this loan?

A: With this line of credit, we will be acquiring inventory in preparation for the launch of our newest coffee brand with one of the biggest social media influencers in the world.  We needed capital to invest in product to have on hand because once we make our big announcement we have to be ready to serve our new customers.  

Q:  Why choose a commercial loan to accomplish this?

A: As I looked at my company’s capital structure, a line of credit was the perfect way to fund acquiring inventory that I know will sell within a few months.  It’s much cheaper than using credit cards.  Also since the inventory has a known rate of return, any capital I have that is meant to be invested in growth can stay available to me rather than being tied up in product sitting on the shelf.

Q:  What type of experience did you have acquiring a loan?

A: It was a very pleasant experience.  I outlined what I was looking to do and what my questions were. I got very straightforward answers to all my questions.  The Bank’s staff is very easy to communicate with.  

Cornhusker Bank remains the area’s oldest locally owned bank, demonstrating Nebraska values, stability, soundness, and investing in the success of customers, associates, and community.

Common Values Help Develop Business Relationships


Complete Hearing

A relationship is defined as “the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave toward each other”. Knowing people on a personal level helps deepen the relationship and understanding of what a person or business really needs.  One of the ways Cornhusker Bank deepens relationships is by taking time to develop financial roadmaps. Understanding a company’s roadmap, allows us to know what a business’s goals and expectations truly are.  We believe in “doing life together” with those in our community.  Cornhusker Bank’s relationship with Complete Hearing is typified by the same kind of values embraced by co-owners, Dr. Meghanne Wetta and Dr. Sandra Miller.

Complete Hearing, located at 4200 Pioneer Woods Drive, Lincoln, NE, states on the home page of their website that “The quality and success of our relationships are determined by our ability to communicate with the people in our lives.” It is easy to understand how important relationships are to the audiologists at Complete Hearing by previewing their website.  The relationships they have with their patients involves serving them well by providing them the information and compassion to help them live strong lives through better hearing.  Matthew Biggs, Cornhusker Bank Relationship Manager has worked with Complete Hearing for eight years and has developed a relationship that has helped provide their business with solutions for lifelong success.

Cornhusker Bank asked Dr. Wetta and Dr. Miller some questions about their relationship with Cornhusker Bank in efforts to better understand what matters to them. That Q & A follows:

Q What brought you to banking with Cornhusker Bank and why do you continue to bank with us?  What aspect of your banking relationship with cornhusker Bank do you like?

A:  Dr. Wetta noted her family had personally been banking with Cornhusker Bank because there were no charges for ATM withdrawals and that played a factor when she and Dr. Miller were looking for a bank for their practice.  Dr. Wetta noted she continues to do business with Cornhusker Bank because of the personalized care she always receives and the timeliness of responses to any of her questions.  Both added it is Cornhusker Bank’s support and communication that they like.  “We can’t think of a time that our questions have not been answered!”

Q. What types of products/services do you use at Cornhusker Bank?

A. As our practice has grown, we have incorporated not just traditional checking accounts, but also ACH/ Bill Pay/ Business Deposits/ Online/ App usage.  We also have had support through traditional loans. We enjoy partnering with Cornhusker Bank each spring for One Day Without Shoes benefitting the People City Mission. Being a drop off location for gently used and new shoes + participating in the walk is something we look forward to annually.

Q. What experiences have you had with your Customer Relationship Manager, Matt Biggs, and what do you think about your relationship with him? CH_8_72

A. “Our relationship is built on trust! He listens to us. When we ask multiple questions, he is willing to answer them, thoughtfully and thoroughly. He is authentic. When we ask him to take off his banker hat and give us his personal thoughts, they align with his professional advice. We value his expertise. As Adjunct Professors at UNL, we continue to ask Matt to be a guest speaker to our 3rd year doctoral students to share his banking knowledge.”

Q.  How would you describe the customer service you have experienced from Cornhusker Bank?

A. “Amazing, Fantastic. On point. Thorough. Immediate. Helpful. Complete. They get it done!”

Q.  What is most important to you in choosing a financial partner?

A. “No doubt, it’s trust, which is built with time, communication and consistency. We took a chance in the very beginning trying a new bank. We are so thankful we took initiative to leave a bank that was not returning calls or emails and found a place that takes great care of us.”

Q. Any specific experiences or other comments you would like to add?

A. “After reflecting on these questions, something has come to obvious light. Our values and mission at Complete Hearing include: Selfless service described as active listening, affirming, time, thorough and physically present. Selfless Staff described as dependable, willing, initiative, and open. Selfless Space described as intentional care, accessible, sincere, humor and collaboration. These three values not only sum how we approach Complete Hearing and our service to our employees, staff and community, but (we) would argue these could also be used to describe Cornhusker Bank as well! Our experience continues to be positive and we are thankful we work together!”

Cornhusker Bank is pleased to share our common values of “building positive relationships” and “doing life together” with Complete Hearing!