Banking Tips for Traveling

Couple Sitting on Sailboat

At Cornhusker Bank, we want all of our clients to enjoy their vacation and not worry about financials while you’re having fun, whether you’re travelling across the globe or just a few states away. Here are some travel tips that may help benefit you before you take your next vacation.

Alert Your Bank Before You Leave

It’s simple; just let us know when and where you’ll be travelling before you leave for your trip. That way, we can ensure your accounts are safe and we can monitor and alert you if any odd transactions take place.

Cornhusker Bank takes fraud and identity theft very seriously so it is important to call prior to your trip. Otherwise, you may run the risk of your cards being flagged while traveling and no one wants that! You could also enroll in our Fraud & Identity Theft protection plans before your travels as another safety measure to keep your accounts secure.

Mobile Banking

Use the Cornhusker Bank mobile banking app while you travel to stay up to date with your accounts, wherever you are. From a mobile device, you can pay bills, view your latest transactions, check account balances and transfer funds between accounts.

You don’t want to be on the road or in a foreign country and notice you are about to overdraft or that you forgot about a payment. By using the mobile app while travelling, you can quickly move funds between accounts, pay that bill you forgot about and keep track of how much you’re spending on your trip.

Enroll in Bill Pay

When you’re travelling, the last thing you want to think about is missing a bill payment. Before you leave, set up bill pay to make it easier. Cornhusker Bank Bill Pay is available 24/7 and with it you can: schedule a one-time payment for while you’re gone, or keep it recurring, set up helpful reminders to let you know when your payment is due and review pending payments. Set all your bills up before your vacation and you won’t need to worry about it!

Travel Credit Cards

If travel is a passion of yours or part of your work, and you’re travelling frequently, consider investing in a travel rewards credit card.

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