Obtaining Pre-Approval and Establishing Your Budget

First thing’s first – you’ll want to get your finances in order before you even begin looking at houses because you’ll need to know the price range that you are pre-qualified for. With respect to mortgages, you’ll want to work with someone who you trust and who you are able to establish a good rapport with as your business relationship will extend over months from getting pre-qualified to closing, and even after that, many companies also service the loans for the additional convenience of having one source for all questions and future assistance.

The buying process does not have to be difficult in today’s environment; it’s about the customer knowing what the expectations are and how the process will be handled.  Our customers are provided that information very early on in the application or pre-qualification stages of the loan which opens our lines of communication between loan officers, processors and closers for a smooth real estate transaction.

Andrew Essay, AVP/ Mortgage Lender at Cornhusker Bank, adds, “In the current housing market homes are moving extremely fast.  The housing inventory is at an all-time low and buyers need to act fast in order to get the home they want.  My best advice to help navigate the current market would be to talk to your loan officer before going out house shopping.   It is more important than ever before to have your pre-qualification letter in hand when you are shopping for a home.   You need to be able to act fast when you find the house of your dreams.

The pre-qualified process will benefit the potential home buyer in multiple ways.  The home buyer will be educated on the different mortgage products the bank offers. Cornhusker Bank’s lenders will assist in matching up the right type mortgage with each customer’s situation.  Home buyers will also find out the amount of house payment they can afford and the price range in which they should be looking. We will also inform the home buyer of any potential setbacks which could take place during the process.  This helps ensure no surprises come up at last minute.  The entire home buying process can move seamlessly when the buyer has all the necessary information upfront.

Cornhusker Bank has an experienced team of loan officers.  We pride ourselves in customer service and helping the customers through every step of the process.  The loan officers are involved with the customer from the prequalification process through closing, educating and guiding the customers through the entire process.  Even after a loan closes, lenders are still there to assist every customer.  Cornhusker Bank offers local servicing.  This aspect really sets us apart from the competition and gives each customer great piece of mind.”

From Strictly Business Magazine, August 2015

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