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Christian Heritage and Cornhusker Bank Mirror Commitment to Betterment of Community


In Cornhusker Bank’s quest to form deeper more valuable relationships with our customers, the unique opportunity to help a customer and a cause that affects our community has arisen.  Christian Heritage is a Cornhusker Bank customer founded in 1980 to care for at risk children and families in the state of Nebraska.  Their purpose of “offering hope” to children and families is driven by a deep-rooted calling and belief that children from hard places are worth investing in.  Christian Heritage is currently accomplishing their purpose through Foster Care, Destination…Dad®, and Safe Families for Children programs.  They have positively impacted thousands of children and families over the past 38 years, but know there is still much work to do.

According to Brad Brown, CEO of Christian Heritage, “In 2015, Christian Heritage decided to move our banking needs to Cornhusker Bank.  Barry Lockard, President and CEO, took the time to meet with our executive leadership team and work us through their mission, vision, beliefs and core values.  The personal connection, along with their mission to serve by providing solutions for lifelong success really resonated with us.  Their customer service is outstanding and they have a team of professionals who live out their core values.  We highly recommend Cornhusker Bank to individuals and companies in search of a home bank to meet their needs.”

Cornhusker Bank is committed to the success of our customers and to the local community we love.  We are therefore pleased to share information about an upcoming fundraising opportunity the nonprofit agency, Christian Heritage, has coming up soon.  Their fundraising efforts will allow them to further their purpose of offering hope to children and families.

Christian Heritage has partnered with Over the Edge to increase awareness and raise needed funds to sustain invaluable services to children and families.  Anyone who signs up as an “Edger” and personally raises $1,000 on behalf of Christian Heritage will earn the right to rappel from the roof of the Cornhusker Marriott on Saturday, August 11th.  If you are interested in going over the edge, here is how it works:

  1. Follow the orange “sign up” link at www.otecwe.com/lincoln.  Christian Heritage requires $85 to register and start your fundraising.
  2. After sign up, you’ll have a customized page you can post on your social media accounts in search of friends and family who will help you reach your $1,000 goal.
  3. You’ll have an option to secure your rappelling position by using your credit card as a guarantee.  Please note if you use this option, if you have not reached your $1,000 goal by August 11th, your card will automatically be charged the remainder of any unraised funding to reach your $1,000 minimum.
  4. Again, $1,000 is the minimum to secure your position to rappel.  If you’re able to raise even more, it makes you a bigger hero to the children and families in need!
  5. If you would simply like to donate to this fundraiser without becoming an “Edger”, you can do so at www.otecwe.com/lincoln/brad.brown.

Brad Brown would also love to hear from you if you or your organization are interested in a sponsorship. Or if you would simply like to learn more about Christian Heritage.  Brad can be reached at 402-421-5425 or at bradb@chne.org.

Cornhusker Bank has staff members who have “gone over the edge” to raise funds for a local non-profit in the past and highly recommend the experience and encourage you to embrace the opportunity to rappel, while helping children and families at the same time.

To learn more about Christian Heritage, please visit www.chne.org.

Cornhusker Bank Executing Planned System Maintenance

Cornhusker Bank associates would like to remind customers the Bank will be completing planned system maintenance in June of 2018.  Due to this maintenance, you will receive two statements in June for your checking and savings accounts.  Your statement cycle will go back to the original cycle date in July, 2018.  Cornhusker Bank’s Customer Engagement Team can be reached at 402-434-2265 during normal business hours if you have any questions about these temporary changes.

Cornhusker Bank Facilitates Easy Banking Relationships in Omaha Market


Doing business with Cornhusker Bank in Omaha got easier in April of 2018. Cornhusker Bank opened a Licensed Production Office at 13340 California, in Omaha’s OMNE Building. The bank is leasing space in this comfortable, modern facility, which is just one block north of 132nd and Dodge Street.

According to Allen Chaffee, Cornhusker Bank’s Omaha Market President, “This represents a great milestone and Cornhusker Bank looks forward to being able to continue building relationships with our current Omaha clients and the Greater Omaha community. Cornhusker Bank’s mission and “Hometown Heart” banking model focuses on doing life together with customers and helping them reach their financial goals.”   Allen can be contacted at 402-779-1420 for an appointment at the Omaha Office. If you have an existing relationship with another Cornhusker Bank associate and are interested in meeting at the Omaha office, please ask them about using the new office.

CardValet App Helps Manage Debit Card Accounts


The CardValet app is ideal to proactively manage Cornhusker Bank debit card accounts through your smart phones. Getting started is easy, simply download the CardValet app to your mobile device from the Apple or Android app store. Then customize your usage settings and alert preferences.

Features of CardValet

• Card usage controls: Spending limits can be established to allow transactions up to a certain dollar value and decline transactions when amounts exceed pre-defined thresholds. Transactions can also be monitored or controlled for specific merchant categories such as gas, hotel, travel, restaurants, groceries or electronic stores.

• Card on/off setting: When the card is “on,” transactions are allowed in accordance with each cardholder’s usage control settings. When the card is “off,” no purchases or withdrawals are approved until the card is turned back “on.” This control can be used to disable a lost or stolen card.

• Location-based controls: The My Location control can restrict transactions to merchants located within a certain range of each cardholder’s location, (using the phone’s GPS) or within pre-defined regions; transactions requested outside of the specified range can be declined.

• Interactive alerts: CardValet can send a real-time alert when a card is used, when a transaction is approved and exceeds any of the permitted use policies, or when a card transaction has been attempted but is declined.

Why One Day Without Shoes?


Cornhusker Bank’s One Day Without Shoes event for the benefit of the People’s City Mission has been a yearly event for the past eight years. The Bank invites businesses and organizations throughout Lincoln to participate by being collection sites for shoes, and/or walking with bank staff to help raise awareness of the need for footwear in our community. Records were broken this year, 2018, with over 36,613 pairs of shoes collected city-wide, over $8,800.00 in monetary funds donated and over 200 walkers.

Why does Cornhusker Bank believe in the One Day without Shoes event? The event is such a galvanizing event for local businesses, bank associates and for the clientele of the People’s City Mission. It takes only observing one adult getting what they describe as the “best pair of shoes in their whole life” or one little girl thrilled with that perfect pair of pink shoes that compels the bank to continue organizing the event. The event and cause provides a valuable service to our community. Cornhusker Bank loves Lincoln and wants to help make it the best it can be. It gives us a chance to open up that cause for participation by mutually like-minded businesses, schools, and other organizations and it allows our staff to interact with the public stopping by to donate shoes and display and experience the Cornhusker Bank culture of “Doing Life Together.”

Cornhusker Bank asks you to start considering participation to be a shoe collection site or to plan to join in the walk from the Cornhusker Bank Center to the People’s City Mission in April of 2019. Watch the bank website, www.CornhuskerBank.com, for details on the One Day Without Shoes Event, as well as other events like Cornhusker Bank’s annual Youth Fair.


Beautiful young woman in raincoat with umbrella checking for rain

The spring and summer months are a time for barbeques, swimming by the pool, and yard work. They also are a time for severe weather…thunderstorms, hail, floods, and tornados. Severe weather can cause a considerable amount of damage to your home, car, and property. So, how can you make sure your belongings are protected in the event of severe weather? The following tips can help!

Before the storm:

Be sure you have adequate coverage and deductibles that are reasonable for your needs by examining your homeowner or renter’s coverage, as well as auto insurance policies.

Tornadoes are considered “wind-storms” and damages caused by them are covered under homeowners insurance policies. If a tornado damages your car, protection is provided under the comprehensive portion of your auto policy.

Compile a detailed written inventory of your home and belongings, and supplement that inventory with a videotape or photographs. Keep the inventory off-premises in a safety deposit box. This will assist in settling claims.

Check on the necessity and availability of flood insurance in your area. Flood insurance is not included in typical homeowner and renter’s insurance policies. Call the National Flood Insurance Program at 1-800-638-6620 to learn about flood insurance in your neighborhood.

Check to see if your policy has “loss of use” or “additional expense” coverage. This will help pay for temporary housing if you can’t stay in your home due to damage caused by a storm. Many policies cover such expenses up to a stated amount.

During the storm:

Create an emergency plan, including places the family will gather in response to emergency weather alerts.

When at home or in a building and threatening weather approaches, go to the basement or interior hall. Stay away from windows.

Keep on hand basic supplies like water, food, flashlights and a battery-operated radio.

If you’re in a car or mobile home when a tornado approaches, leave immediately. Do not try to outrun a tornado. If you cannot locate immediate underground shelter, lie flat in a gully or ditch. Do not get under an overpass or a bridge!

After the storm:

Call your insurance agent as soon as you can.

Try to protect your property and salvage what you can.

Closely inspect property and cars for damage. Note and photograph any damage and losses. This will assist in settling claims.

Be sure your agent knows how to contact you if you can’t stay in your home.

Above all, do not make a hasty settlement. If possible, seek assistance from a third party.

Be sure everything is considered in your claim. Back up claims with written estimates.

Beware of home repair rip-offs. Carefully check the background of contractors and others who promise “cheap” repairs. Don’t pay the entire cost of repairs up-front, and try to only do business with local, established contractors. Before signing any contract, read the entire document, and contact your local Better Business Bureau to see if the company has a good customer service record.

Keeping Up With Your Financial Resolutions

It’s almost the end of February! Have you stuck with your resolutions for 2018?

If you’re like most people – 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February – you’re bored with your resolutions as the holiday pace wears off and winter seems to wear on.

Like many people, your new year intentions likely included improving your finances. Now is a great time to take another look. A good motivator (especially during this time of the year) is to begin envisioning what your summer vacation and financial situation will look like.


  1. Take a look at your January – April bank statements from the previous year.
  2. Where is your financial pace compared to what you wanted to improve from last year?
  3. What was a positive financial decision in January to replicate next month?
  4. What were your budget-blowing decisions in the first quarter of last year?
  5. How can you avoid these this year?


Achieving goals takes time and planning. Goals are reached by outlining steps. Each step in your financial goal can and should be measured. For instance, to pay off your holiday credit cards by May, what’s the total to pay off, and how many months do you have to achieve your goal? Take into account your interest rate when making your payments. Total debt/number of months in your goal + following through each pay period = goal success. Stick to it, and remember that a summer vacation is part of your reward!


Having a written monthly budget or journal is an essential tool to helping you stay on track (and celebrate progress).  Each line item, each step, each reason is part of your journey toward your goals. Start by taking your monthly income and deducting the payments you’ll need to make each month. From the remainder, decide what needs to be put aside for expenses like gas and groceries. Put the rest away for savings or use it to pay down other debts. If you want more control, narrow your budgeting to a weekly max spend. Controlling your budget on short term can sometimes be more attainable than looking at a month-long plan.


Cornhusker Bank has all the tools to help you achieve your financial goals – we are committed to your success!  You can check out our online Education Center or “Your Goals” tab at our website.   Personal Solutions tab provides more info about savings, Certificates of Deposits, and money Markets.   You can contact Cornhusker Bank by mail, phone, and email.  Our 24 hr Account Line is always open! 402-434-2275.

Help provide shoes for those who need them by participating in One Day Without Shoes.


What is One Day Without Shoes?

April 10, 2018 will be the 8th Annual One Day Without Shoes event held by Cornhusker Bank. Cornhusker Bank was inspired to start promoting this event by TOMS Shoes which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need in a third-world country for every pair of Tom’s Shoes which are sold. Cornhusker Bank recognized the needs in our community for those with inadequate footwear and partnered with People’s City Mission to help satisfy those needs.

View our One Day Without Shoes video.

How can you be involved?

  • By contacting Cornhusker Bank to arrange placement of a People’s City Mission donation barrel or box for new and used shoes in your place of business April 2nd through the 13th, 2018.
  • By making a monetary donation to the People’s City Mission for the One Day Without Shoes event.
  • By dropping off donations of new or used footwear at any Cornhusker Bank or partner location April 2nd through the 13th, 2018.
  • By joining us for a walk from the Cornhusker Bank Center at 84th & O to the People’s City Mission Help Center at 68th & P on April 10th, 2018 at 11 a.m. to help raise awareness of the need for shoes.
  • By going shoeless on April 10th to help raise awareness of this event and the importance of adequate footwear.

One Day Without Shoes Events have been a Huge Success

In 2011 Cornhusker Bank and People’s City Mission partnered to help raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a person’s life by hosting a One Day Without Shoes event annually. The public has been encouraged to bring their new or used shoes, or cash donations to help put shoes on the feet of Lincoln’s less fortunate. In the first seven years of hosting this event, Cornhusker Bank’s six locations and numerous business partners have collected over 95,500 pairs of shoes and monetary donations totaling over $58,500!

Pastor Tom Barber, Executive Director of the People’s City Mission reported, “With this amazing amount of shoes and money we collected we will be able to help thousands of people. Thank you Cornhusker Bank for creating this event and thank you, all of Lincoln for all your kindness.”

For more information, please call 402-434-3788.

Join us for this special FREE program on Identity Theft, Data Breaches and Cybersecurity/Privacy.


AARP Nebraska & BBB Foundation present:
Eva Velasquez, President, Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), nationally known speaker on consumer fraud and scams.

Join us for this special FREE program on Identity Theft, Data Breaches and Cybersecurity/Privacy. ITRC is a non-proft organization established to support victims of identity theft in resolving their cases, and to broaden public education and awareness of identity theft and related issues.

It’s a matter of when your identity will be targeted by a scammer, not if. Be prepared!

Lincoln, Nebraska | Tuesday, April 10, 2018 | 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Cornhusker Bank, 8310 O St., Lincoln, NE 68510

A “sweet treat” with Q & A included

Entrance and parking on the north side of the building.

There is no cost for this event but RSVP is required by April 3. Register at aarp.cvent.com/IDTheft_Lincoln_41018 or call 1-877-926-8300 toll free

Top Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid

Smiling young black couple using credit card to make online purchases

If you are looking to get a little boost to your credit, or if you have little to no credit, people always say the best thing you can do is get a credit card. Having a credit card establishes and starts building credit. While this sounds great, new credit card users can become quickly overwhelmed and find themselves in credit card debt. When used responsibly, credit cards are great, but here are some top credit card mistakes you should avoid.

Avoid applying for multiple cards 
Applying for multiple credit cards in a short time frame will actually damage your credit. If you are opening a credit card to help build your credit this will do the opposite. Less is more when it comes to credit cards. Every time you apply for a credit card the lender does a hard inquiry which actually lowers your score a few points. Too many of these at once and you can see your credit score drop significantly.

Make more than the minimum payment 
It can be tempting to just make the minimum payments on your credit card, but by doing that you are increasing the amount of interest you will pay overall on the balance. This means that you end up paying more in the long run for items purchased with a credit card.

Avoid late payments
While this seems pretty self-explanatory, avoid paying your credit card late. Be mindful of payment dates, and that payments can take time to process and post to your account. A good practice is to pay your bill as soon as you receive the statement, that way it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Don’t max out your available credit
Just because you have a $5,000 limit doesn’t mean you should charge $5,000 on your card. Maxing out your available credit actually reflects poorly on your credit. A good rule is to not spend more than 30% of your available credit.

Don’t take out a cash advance
Cash advances have a much higher interest rate than normal purchases and usually come with their own set of fees. If you need cash during an emergency a cash advance can seem tempting but it will actually just put you further behind.

Wait to cancel your card
When people start getting into trouble with credit cards they think the best course of action is to cancel their card. Doing this actually shortens the length of credit history and reduces your credit utilization (remember the 30% of available credit. Cancelling a card reduces your available amount). Your best option is to not use the card while you pay down the balance.