Cornhusker Bank is pleased to welcome you to our blog. You’ll find tips and advice from our collaborative associates, as well as updates on the bank and events. Cornhusker Bank associates feel it is important to share insights and we love bringing you into the conversation. Our posts on this blog are an extension of our relationship with you, and we hope you find value here which proves our commitment to your success!

Celebrating 119 Years of Appreciation

Cornhusker Bank celebrates 119 years of customer relationships during our anniversary week of August 20th-26th. To kick the week off, the bank will hold a FREE Shred Day at the 8310 O St. location in Lincoln from 10:00 AM – Noon. This is a great way to dispose of sensitive documents to keep confidential information out of the hands of fraudsters.

There’s a little something special occurring to thank customers every day:

August 20th is “Free Shred Day”: Saturday, August 20th, 10:00 AM – Noon. Bring up to 50 lbs of documents to be shredded free at the Cornhusker Bank Center at 8310 O St. We are committed to helping you protect yourself from identity theft.

August 22nd is “Munchy Monday”: A sweet treat to start your week. Stop by to enjoy popcorn or cookies.

August 23rd is “Guessing Game”: Each bank location will have a container of items for you to leave a guess of how many items you think it contains. On Monday, the 29th of August, the closest guess at each location will win a $50 gift card. (In cases of ties, there will be a drawing for the winner.)

August 24th is “Win-it Wednesday”: Enter your name for a chance to win a Cornhusker Bank gift package: Chair, Blanket, Umbrella, Cooler and other logo’d bank items.

August 25th is “Guessing Game”: The guessing game for number of items in a container continues through the end of the week.

August 26th is “Frankfurter Friday”: Let the bank take care of your lunch today…stop by any bank location (excluding Legacies and The Landing) for hot dogs, chips and bottled water between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Cornhusker Bank is based on a 360 model built upon relationships. In relationships, the little things ARE the big things. The bank loves to hear what you enjoy about our staff and how the bank has played a role in your life and hopes to see you some time during that week to thank you for your relationship.

Check related crimes can result in losses to your business. Protect your business with Positive Pay.

To prevent check related losses, Cornhusker Bank is offering the Positive Pay service as a courtesy free of charge to business customers who sign up by September 30, 2022.


Lincoln, NE – Recent news articles have highlighted check theft from USPS and payment drop boxes at businesses in Lincoln. The Lincoln Police Department reported 32 mailbox and payment dropbox thefts in January and February 2022 alone and the average for the entire year dating back five years is eight.  To add insult to injury, various stolen check cases have resulted in losses near $6,000 per incident.  (1011 NOW, 2022).

Even as electronic payment methods continue to increase in popularity, fraudsters are still successful using their old tried and true tricks of altering or counterfeiting stolen checks.  Thieves simply have to take envelopes out of the drop boxes and steal the checks to alter the payee and amounts.  Or, they will use checks as an example to create fake checks that look like yours.

While you can’t control what happens to your check once it’s out of your hands, there are a few things you can do to protect your business and yourself:

1. Include technology in your fight against theft and fraud.

Positive Pay. 

Positive Pay is a simple and effective fraud prevention tool to stop criminals from cashing fraudulent or counterfeit checks using stolen account information. The program compares checks you’ve issued to those presented for payment. 

Simply review any checks that don’t match to determine if they should be paid or returned through Business Online Banking.   

To help the fight back against check related crimes, Cornhusker Bank is offering the Positive Pay solution at no charge for as long as your account is open.  This service helps reduce your exposure to check fraud and limit your losses.  Contact us today and mention this offer to protect yourself.        

Review transactions daily. 

Online banking, mobile banking, and telephone banking allow you to review transactions daily. Limit your liability and potential loss by catching fraudulent transactions quickly. 

Enroll in E-Statements.

Eliminate the risk of printed account and transaction information getting into the wrong hands. View, download and archive your statements securely through Business Online Banking.

Use online bill pay.

Online bill pay is free to use, and many payments are sent electronically, cutting down on the chance of check theft.  

Reduce the use of checks and try ACH

ACH is an electronic payment system that sends and receives payments using your account and bank routing number.

This safe and convenient transfer method includes direct deposit, payroll, and vendor payments. Set up automatic payments for utilities or vendors, so you aren’t mailing checks.

2. Pay attention to physical surroundings.

Don’t leave mail or payments in unattended boxes.

Instead of leaving outgoing mail in your mailbox or other collection box, give it to an attendant directly. If the payee hasn’t received the check in a timely manner, place a stop payment on the item.  You can place stop payments on checks via online banking or call us for assistance.

Protect your check stock. 

Ensure your check stock is kept in a safe place.  A locked cabinet or vault with limited access is a surefire way of protecting yourself and business from lost or stolen checks.

Contact us

Our Depository Services team has many years of experience dealing with check fraud and wants to help you take a proactive approach to protecting yourself from check-related crimes and losses. Review our website for these tools and more:  Cash Management Solutions Lincoln NE | Cornhusker Bank.  

If you’re ready to protect yourself and your company from check fraud, let us help you find the best solution! Call 402-434-2265 or email cashmanagement@cornhuskerbank.com today.

Cornhusker Bank is committed to your success. 

Depository Services including Positive Pay are offered by Cornhusker Bank.  Member FDIC.


1011 NOW. (2022, March 3). LPD sees increase in mail stolen from mailboxes. Retrieved from 1011NOW.com: https://www.1011now.com/2022/03/03/lpd-sees-increase-mail-stolen-mailboxes/

Bank Culture and Commitment Display in One Day Without Shoes Event

In eleven years, Cornhusker Bank’s One Day Without Shoes has collected over 200,000 pairs of shoes and over $100,000 in monetary funds used to purchase new shoes.  The Lincoln and Omaha area communities have given generously to supply footwear to those in need at Lincoln’s People’s City Mission and at Omaha’s Stephen Center.   The entire process is aided by organizations who volunteer to serve as collection sites to supplement bank locations, which all host collection receptacles.

Now in the twelfth year of the event, Lincoln and Omaha residents are becoming familiar with the annual spring campaign.  Many people are saving their used shoes throughout the year to donate.  The story this year is a behind the scene look at the culture and commitment of Cornhusker Bank associates that drives the event.  Looking for a cause all bank staff could be active in, and be inclusive of community, while serving local needs, the bank was inspired by a TOMS Shoe initiative, where TOMS donated a pair of shoes to organizations in need for the purchase of shoes.  Molding that concept into an idea that could benefit those who needed shoes, while keeping nice, wearable shoes from landfills, the concept of asking other businesses to serve as collection sites, increasing the awareness of the need and making it easy to drop off footwear that would serve others well. While many organizations that joined in the effort are customers of Cornhusker Bank, it is not a requirement for them to participate.  The bank asks for participants to collect shoes each year, with the list of organizations running upward of 100 locations.  Bank staff coordinates delivery of collection bins and boxes with organizations, then full receptacles are taken to the Mission.

Every employee of the bank receives a pair of fun, colorful new socks to place at their work stations to serve as a reminder to themselves and others of the upcoming event.  Then on the selected One Day Without Shoes day, the socks are worn by associates in lieu of shoes.  There is a walk held from the Cornhusker Bank Center at 84th and O to the People’s City Mission Help Center in Lincoln to draw awareness of the need for footwear, and anyone in the community is welcome to walk. 

Bank staff handles many logistical duties to make the day special.  Cookies are ordered and served at bank locations.  A lunch of hot dogs, chips, and bottled water is arranged to be served to anyone who comes into the bank for the walk or to donate shoes over the lunch hour.   During the entire two week collection period, paper feet, which anyone donating funds may personalize with their name, are displayed in bank lobbies.  The funds donated for the paper feet are used to buy larger size shoes that are often not among donations.

After the two week shoe collection period which runs from April 4th through April 16th in Lincoln, staff and their families volunteer to help sort the thousands of shoes to get them ready for distribution at the mission’s Help Center.    Then the whole cycle of events begins again with a shoe collection period from April 25th through May 6th in Omaha for the benefit of the Stephen Center. 

Cornhusker Bank thanks the multitude of associates who contribute their time and efforts to make this important community event successful.  Area businesses who collect shoes and join the walk to raise awareness are also thanked for their important role in the event. 

Tyler Albers Accepted to Sarpy YMCA Advisory Board

Cornhusker Bank congratulates Tyler Albers for recently being accepted as a member of the Sarpy YMCA Advisory Board.  This advisory board has a vested interest in fostering connection in the Omaha metro community and in building relationships with their staff and members, and they mirror the Cornhusker Bank values. 

Barry Lockard, Cornhusker Bank President/CEO, noted Tyler lives out the bank’s commitment to community in his personal involvement to multiple community oriented organizations such as 6th Mav’s Club, 67th Street Hoops, and St. Columbkille Parish as well as the YMCA.

Cornhusker Bank is locally owned, demonstrating Nebraska values, stability, soundness, and a commitment to the community and its residents.  The team of bankers at the Omaha location specialize in private banking, mortgages and commercial business.  For more information please visit CornhuskerBank.com.

Wehling joins Cornhusker Bank Omaha Advisory Board

Cornhusker Bank is pleased to announce Michael Wehling has joined the Cornhusker Bank Omaha Advisory Board.  Mr. Wehling is Executive Director of Stephen Center.  Other professional affiliations include Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless, Canopy South/Southside Redevelopment Corporation, and Suburban Rotary Club. Former affiliations include Northeast Nebraska Continuum of Care for the Homeless, Region VI Behavioral Health Committee, Fremont Family Coalition, and Fremont Rotary Club.

Cornhusker Bank believes strongly in giving back to the community and became familiar with Mr. Wehling’s knowledge of the Omaha Market through the bank’s One Day Without Shoes collection and choice of the Stephen Center as the recipient of the shoe donations, according to Allen Chaffee, Market President, Greater Omaha.  The 2022 One Day Without Shoes collection event will occur April 25th through May 7th.  For collection sites and more information about One Day Without shoes Omaha event, please visit the bank’s website at www.cornhuskerbank.com/Day-Without-Shoes-Omaha

Cornhusker Bank is locally owned, demonstrating Nebraska values, stability, soundness, and a commitment to the community and it’s resident.  The team of bankers at the Omaha location specialize in Private Banking, Mortgages and Commercial Business.  For more information please visit www.CornhuskerBank.com.

Bates and Hilger Join Cornhusker Bank Team

Cornhusker Bank is pleased to announce Brian Bates has been added to the bank’s team and will be serving as Vice President/Audit Manager.  Andrew Hilger has also joined the bank and will be serving as Credit Analysis Officer.

Barry Lockard, Cornhusker Bank President/CEO, reports both Brian and Andrew bring a wealth of banking experience with them.  Brian’s 30 plus years in banking has qualified him to assure the bank’s internal audit program functions competently and within all regulatory requirements.  Andrew’s expertise in analysis of credit documentation is proving as an invaluable asset to the bank.

Mr. Bates is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and holds a Certified Financial Services Auditor designation.  He serves as a treasurer for Ceresco’s Sons of American Legion Post 244, and is an active press box volunteer for American Legion summer baseball.  Brian reports he is happy to be part of the Cornhusker Bank team as “there is a culture of caring and compassion that resonates throughout the organization.”

Andrew Hilger has ten years of experience in banking.  He is an annual volunteer for the Paint-A-Thon.  He reported his team in credit administration has been eager to hear his suggestions and different ideas he brings to the table based on his past experiences. He noted, “I’m very grateful to work for a community-focused bank that cares deeply for customers and their employees.”

Cornhusker Bank Promotes Zlomke

Cornhusker Bank is pleased to announce the promotion of Michelle Zlomke to Business Services Officer.  Audrie Bates, VP/ Retail Experience, and Michelle’s supervisor, noted “Michelle provides high quality customer service and is diligent about exploring the best services to meet customers’ goals.”

Michelle Zlomke has served in several roles at Cornhusker Bank since 2015.  She has an eleven year history in banking services.  As Business Services Officer, she will lead the bank’s Depository Services Program and provide customer service support for those customers.  Ms. Zlomke reported she is “proud to represent Cornhusker Bank’s values as she builds relationships to meet customer needs.  At the end of the day, it’s about helping businesses do business better.”

Cornhusker Bank to Show Appreciation for Customers

Cornhusker Bank will celebrate 118 years of customer relationships during their anniversary week, August 21st – 27th.  To show their appreciation the bank will hold a FREE Shred Day at the 8310 O Street location in Lincoln from 10:00 AM to Noon on Saturday, August 21st.  This is a great way for bank customers to keep their confidential information out of the hands of fraudsters and dispose of sensitive documents safely. 

The remainder of the week has a little something special occurring to thank customers every day:

August 23 is “Money Monday”:  The bank loves to hear what you enjoy about our staff and how the bank has played a role in your life.  Send us an email, post on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages, or share with one of our associates why you do business with Cornhusker bank, and we’ll enter you into a drawing to be one of 2 families that win a $100 dollar bill.

August 24 is “Treasure Tuesday”:  Choose from among gifts of bank logo items to be given away at each location.

August 25 is “Win It Wednesday”:  Enter your name at any location to win a summer gift basket that includes a chair, cooler, blanket, umbrella, reusable grocery bag, tumbler and more!

August 26th is “Tasty Treat Thursday”:  Thursday will be the day to stop by and walk away with a bag of popcorn or a tasty popcorn ball. 

August 27th is “Football Friday”:  What could be more appropriate in Nebraska than a football themed treat before the first Husker football game of the season?  The bank will have football themed cookies at each location for customers.

Cornhusker Bank is based on a 360 model built upon relationships.  In relationships, the little things ARE the big things. Bank staff hopes to see you sometime the week of August 21-27 to thank you for your relationship.

Cornhusker Bank Announces Promotions of Steinhoff and Rains

Cornhusker Bank is pleased to announce the promotions of Emily Steinhoff to Operations Officer and Tyler Rains to Vice President/Portfolio Mortgage Loan Officer.

Emily Steinhoff has been with Cornhusker Bank since 2009 serving in different capacities in the Operations Department.  She is certified as an Accredited ACH Professional and a National Check Professional.  Emily completed the Bank’s Emerging Leader Program.  She is integral in the completion of all Operations Center tasks.  Crystal Wichita, COO, and Emily’s supervisor, noted, “Emily embodies the bank’s core values and is an exceptional servant leader who prioritizes customer service to both external and internal customers.”

Tyler Rains joined Cornhusker Bank’s team in 2020 and has proven himself of great service and value to the Portfolio Mortgage team.  Tyler has served in the banking industry since 2002.  His current responsibilities include development, origination and underwriting of new portfolio mortgage loans, including owner occupied and non-owner occupied 1-4 family residential properties and ongoing relationship building and servicing of mortgage loan customers, as well as internal function of credit review and mentoring of other bank associates.  According to Mike Barret, VP/Mortgage, and Tyler’s supervisor, “Tyler has been a wonderful addition to our mortgage team.  His knowledge of in-house lending programs and of the local real estate market has allowed us to expand our reach to more customers with consumer construction, non-conventional mortgage and investment property financing.”

Barry Lockard, President/CEO, reported, “Both Emily and Tyler provide excellent leadership for our internal associates and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that provides added value to our customers.” 

Cornhusker Bank remains the area’s oldest locally owned bank, demonstrating Nebraska values, stability, soundness, and a commitment to its customers, associates and community.  For more information visit www.cornhuskerbank.com.

Cornhusker Bank’s One Day Without Shoes to Benefit Stephen Center, Needy Residents

Clean out your closets and find gently used shoes! It’s time for One Day Without Shoes, Cornhusker Bank’s annual shoe collection drive to benefit Stephen Center (stephencenter.org). The collection drive will run through May 8. One Day Without Shoes is a collaborative effort with local businesses who volunteer to help the bank collect new and wearable used shoes for free distribution by Stephen Center.

“The look on the faces of our clients when we provide them with shoes is priceless, providing them with joy they may not have felt in a very long time,” said Stephen Center Shelter Director Lori Koch.

Cornhusker Bank started One Day Without Shoes in 2011 to benefit the Lincoln community. In 2020, the event expanded to Omaha, and a partnership was formed with the Stephen Center. The drive in September 2020 collected more than 2,000 pairs of shoes and $350 in monetary donations. All shoes and cash donations collected in Omaha will stay in Omaha for distribution. Gently worn and new shoes can be dropped off at one of the collection sites during the two-week campaign. A complete list of collection sites can be found at cornhuskerbank.com/Day-Without-Shoes-omaha.aspx.

Located in South Omaha, Stephen Center serves the homeless, addicted, and those in poverty. The campus includes a homeless emergency shelter, inpatient/outpatient co-occurring treatment and permanent supportive housing for disabled and low-income individuals. In 2020, Stephen Center provided services to 1,278 men, women, and children and served more than 200,000 meals to people experiencing homelessness, addiction, and poverty. For more information, visit stephencenter.org or call (402) 715-5442.